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Cancun All-Inclusive, Extreme Relaxation

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Contributed By Andre Raymond

Andre started planning for his recent Cancun, Mexico vacation over a year last year. His past travels had taught him that lodging can be the most costly portion of a vacation, especially more luxurious lodging. A single night in an upscale hotel can cost several hundreds of dollars. He wanted a less expensive alternative.

Andre had also learned that traveling can be stressful, and exhausting, particularly certain types of travel. After a season of very long hours, working both jobs, Andre wanted a vacation alternative that was nothing but relaxation.

So, with those goals in mind, Andre purchased a vacation club membership through Royal Holiday. This year, he set up his time at the Grand Park Royal Caribe. So far, he is extremely happy with the service he has received, and believes it was a very good decision.

The Grand Park Royal is an all-inclusive resort, with eleven different restaurants and bars. Andre’s particular favorites were the El Oriental restaurant, and Ekinox rooftop bar. Going all-inclusive leaves a vacationer nothing to do but eat, drink, and soak up the sun! That was exactly what Andre was looking for, that, and a little parasailing.

How much more relaxing could it get?






If you are interested in booking at the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe, check out their website:


If you are considering a vacation club membership, you may want to check out Royal Holiday.



Although we here at gypsy With a Day Job cannot attest to their service, we know Andre has been pleased.




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