Hulshoff Castle and Gardens, in Muensterland, Germany, a stunning tour stop, or a tranquil day trip.

The Stunning Hulshoff Castle

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Hulshoff Castle, or Burg Hulshoff, is another water castle, or Wasserschloss, located in  Havixbeck in the  Muenster area of Nordrhein-Westfalen,  Germany.  The castle is one of those rare locations that is frequently visited by tourists, yet is still loved by locals, for some common reasons, and for some very different reasons.   Prior to our […]

Experience the Autobahn- Everything you need to know in one place!

I Can’t Drive 155- the Autobahn Experience

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“So you’re going to go on the Autobahn, right???”  Inevitably, when planning a trip to Germany, many friends will ask this question. “Well of course,” I responded. Frankly, tell me that a middle-aged American woman will be driving on the Autobahn, and it sounds a little reckless, and scary.  But most friends got a goofy, […]