Do you Geocache? Places where geocaches have been hidden and found, while traveling.

What’s a Geocache? Do You Geocache??

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What’s a Geocache?? A geocache, is what a geocacher finds, when he plays geocaching.  What??  Okay, okay.  Geocaching is a game and that can be dream come true for young families struggling to make ends meet, but who still need adventure. Geocaching is fun, exciting, intriguing, and it can be a real escapade, when done […]

Experience the Autobahn., everything you need for your autobahn experience. drive autobahn.

I Can’t Drive 155- the Autobahn Experience

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“So you’re going to drive the Autobahn, right???”  Inevitably, when planning a trip to Germany, many friends will ask this question. “Well of course,” I responded. Frankly, tell me that a middle-aged American woman will be driving on the Autobahn, and it sounds a little reckless, and scary.  But most friends got a goofy, conspiring […]

Our arrival picture at Arlanda, a symbol of overcoming ANXIETY.

Pre-Flight Anxiety- Par for the Course

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Long trips, and in particular international travel, always elicit feelings of both exhilaration and apprehension, also known as ANXIETY. There is so much to look forward to: seeing amazing and beautiful places, experiencing a new culture, tasting traditional foods, learning new bits of history, and if lucky, making some new friends. On my most recent […]