Superman Museum, Metropolis, Illinois.

Here at Gypsy With a Day Job, we really love DayTrips, or Everyday Adventures, because in some ways, they epitomize what we are all about.  While we all look hope for and look forward to, as many Extravagant Excursions as possible, the reality is, we are only going to get so many weeks off of work in a given year. Sometimes those weeks are just not enough and we have to take advantage the resources available to us. Everyday adventures are all about taking advantage of what is available, and learning to find the beautiful parts of the world that are in our back yards. And they are there!

Since an Everyday Adventure is something you could do in the span of one day, although it may be a long day, the travel time is usually less than three hours.  The really amazing thing about Everyday Adventures is that they do not have to cost a lot of money.  There is no lodging involved, so that cuts out one of the biggest expenses of travel, and there are lots of low cost possibilities for food.  When my children were young and money was scarce, I became a master at coming up with virtually free Everyday Adventures, that my family loved.  You will find some of those locations in our Budget Escapades and Trips section as well!