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Cancun All-Inclusive, Extreme Relaxation

Enjoy Extreme Relaxationwith a Cancun All-Inclusive Resort Experience.

For several years, I have visited Mexico for a little relaxation.  Most of my vacations revolve around family, and my second job as a football trainer, and neither of those options afford much down time.  You can imagine it- “son take me here,” “son take me there,” and “hey coach, I am too nervous to sleep tonight,” on and on. The only way I can relax is to get completely away from it all!  Extreme relaxation is what I really want on a vacation, and I can always get that with a Cancun All-Inclusive Resort Experience.

Lodging is often the most expensive part of a trip, no matter where in the world you travel.  A single night in an upscale hotel can cost several hundreds of dollars, and I do prefer upscale lodgings.  Cancun all-inclusive resorts actually are a pretty good bargain, when compared to many other options.  However, I wanted to take it a step further, and get an even better deal.

Traveling can also be stressful, even without the needs of a family or a team.  Figuring out where to eat, what to do, and how to get around can take a lot of time and planning.  It also adds a lot to the total vacation price.  No one wants to spend their vacation time trying to balance their travel budget!

Having visited Mexico several times, and planning to visit several more, it was time to start the research to make it a little more convenient, and cut back those prices even more.  After exploring several options, I decided to purchase a vacation club membership, through Royal Holiday.  Royal Holiday collaborates with resorts in several great locations around the world, with a lot of choices in Mexico.

Exercising my membership benefits, I set up a week Grand Park Royal Resort, in Cancun.  The Grand Park Royal is an all-inclusive resort, right on the beach.  The rooms were spacious, comfortable, and clean.  The resort also houses eleven different restaurants and bars. My particular favorites were the El Oriental restaurant, and Ekinox rooftop bar.

The Cancun beachfront is a beautiful location, with soft white sands, and the incredibly blue Atlantic.  Cancun has several attractions available for vacationers who want to get out and about, and explore, including trips to Mayan ruins.  Personally, exploring was not on my list of things to do during my trip.  I was looking for extreme relaxation:  eating good food, drinking good drink, lying on the beach and soaking up the sun.  I did a little parasailing for excitement, but otherwise, it was all about kicking back, with some to take care of everything I needed.


Almost any Cancun All-Inclusive Resort Experience is going to make a great getaway, and allow a lot of downtime in a beautiful location.  In the realm of vacation packages, they are a pretty good bargain. A vacation club membership makes a good deal, an even better deal though.  If you are looking for extreme relaxation and catering, like me, do your research.  It may be the best way for you to go.  I have been very happy with my experience.







If you are interested in booking at the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe, check out their website:




If you are considering a vacation club membership, you may want to check out Royal Holiday.





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