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Keyauni Kern

Kayauni Kern, editor of gypsy with a day job.

Keyauni Kern is one busy woman these days, but her wanderlust is a driving force in her life.

Keyauni’s “day job” is actually working evenings for a US Postal Service factory, as a package sorting machine operator. Her job keeps her busy a minimum of 40 hours per week, and more often than not, 45-50 hours a week.

Keyauni also recently purchased her first house, and has been busy updating and renovating different portions of her home, but she loves having a place to call her own.

Along with all of that responsibility, Keyauni is the owner and host of the Facebook page Be Elevated, where she posts inspirational quotes and videos for maintaining a positive outlook on life, and following our passions. She is also a talented artist, occasionally creating contracted pieces, and even sharing her talent for local festivals and fairs doing face-painting for the children’s areas.

Keyauni yearns to see the world, and at the moment that particular yearning is to visit Cambodia. Although she hasn’t made it there yet, she frequently makes time get in an occasional Extravagant Excursion or Everyday Adventure. In between everything else, she has written for Gypsy With a Day Job, and shared her travel experiences both in words, and in pictures.

We here at Gypsy With a Day Job are very happy to have Keyauni as an administrator on our Facebook page, and as a writer and photographer for our blog. We look forward to learning about many more of her travel adventures.