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Memes Are the Best Medicine- June/July 2017

Workplace Humor, Memes.

Our first workplace memes went up on our Facebook page on June 17, 2017.  Right away, readers began to respond.   Of course they did, because a little humor makes our days better, especially workdays, and, when it is at the “expense” of co-workers.

Since then, we regularly posted workplace memes.  Hard workers everywhere have been willing models to help epitomize the ridiculous, and often frustrating, situations we all face in our work lives.   Some of those moments have been a challenge to capture on film!  Yep, we ended up with a few blurry shots.  Some of them were so classic though, we had to go with them anyway.

For our one month workplace meme anniversary, we put together this recap of all of those we have posted to the fan page.  To make it a little more fun for the webpage readers, we have thrown in a few extra- the exclusive memes- that we have not posted anywhere else yet.  We may not be able to relate to all of them, but we can certainly all relate to some of them.

We hope you get a chuckle, and that they make your workday a little brighter!

Annoying Co-Worker Memes

How can a co-worker be annoying.  Oh, let me count the ways..


We all have co-workers we have to clean up after.

Workplace Humor, Memes.



Overzealous Supervisor Memes

What is worse than an annoying co-worker.  It might be supervisors in general.. But, overzealous supervisors can be the worst!  


We have all had those moments!

Workplace Humor, Memes.



Once we have a few years as an employee, we run into that boss who never did our job, telling us how its done.

Workplace Humor, Memes.


Even when we are coming up on retirement, some of them can’t seem to let us work our last days in peace.

Workplace Humor, Memes.



If only we could disappear sometimes..

Workplace Humor, Memes.





Customer Service Memes

Dealing with customers can be crazy stressful!  They may always be right, but they certainly aren’t always smart, or considerate!


Taking customer complaint calls could be one of the worst jobs in the world.

Workplace Humor, Memes.



We wouldn’t expect a saint to work as a bartender, but we could be wrong.  Serving alcohol to customers would often require the patience of a saint.

Workplace Humor, Memes.



Overtime Memes

Most of us have been instructed to stay for overtime when we really didn’t want it.  Yep, it may be pretty good money for most of us, but sometimes it just isn’t worth it!


Sometimes our bodies just need a break!

Workplace Humor, Memes.



Sometimes we have already made some after work plans..

Workplace Humor, Memes.



End of the Day Memes

Sometimes there is no greater relief than hitting the clock at the end of the day.  We have all experienced our pep level suddenly increasing as the time to punch out rolls around.  When it is the last shift of the weekend, well that takes it to a whole different level!


When you made it through another week.

Workplace Humor, Memes.



Did you say long weekend?

Workplace Humor, Memes.


Going into vacation??  Try not to get stuck in the “perma-smile.”

Workplace Humor, Memes.


Second Thought Memes

We all have moments when we wonder why we keep on coming to this same job.  There is nothing wrong with wishing for independent wealth.

What you were thinking..

Workplace Humor, Memes.



What it Comes Down To

We know that the truth is that most of us appreciate our jobs very much.  We want a particular lifestyle, and hopefully, our job makes that lifestyle possible.  But work can be big-time stressful.  Our primary focus at Gypsy With a Day Job is encouraging workers to get away from it all from time to time, and do things they love.  (We love travel, so we talk about travel all the time.)

But sometimes we can’t get away for a while, so we need tools to manage our stress, and stay healthy.  Laughter is one of the best tools.  So, as the title says, memes can be the best medicine.


BIG Thanks to our Models

June and July models from top to bottom, not including header picture:  Rhonda Matthews, Laura Lundy, Randy Sydes, Mariechen Hoelyfield, Torrence Williams, Dena Hamilton, Freeman Wheeler, Vickie Valadez, Stephany Allen, Karen McNutt, Ashlee Warfield, Chuck Fults, Bonnie Williamson, Keisha Reilly, Andre Willingham, China Smith, and Kelly Neal!  We appreciate you helping us help others find a little humor!


If you would like to see all images in a gallery form, with options to download or Pin, use this link:

Workplace Meme Gallery, June 2017

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page, check it out here:



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