Around the Iveragh Peninsula

The view from the Skellig Ring, on the Iveragh Peninsula, in Ireland.

Stunning photographs taken on our way around the Iveragh Peninsula, starting on the Ring of Kerry, and ending at Portmagee, on the Skellig Ring.

We make a few key stops on the Ring of Kerry, also on the peninsula, including the Ladies View, Moll’s Gap, and the Kenmare Stone Ring, called “The Shurberries,” by locals.

We turn onto the Skellig Ring, near Waterville, and stop along the way to admire scenery so beautiful, it was a little emotional. We end our day at the village of Portmagee, where we watch the fishing boats come in for the evening, and we celebrate my 50th birthday, quietly.

I feel like it is a home away from home, before we leave this lovely town, on the far southwest corner of Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “Around the Iveragh Peninsula

  1. We had an interesting discussion about Irish Whiskey at the pub, and of course, we did try some. It is quite smooth. I really want to go back to make that trip out, but, I also know there is so much world to see…

  2. I would like to climb the Skellig Michael and down a few shots of real Irish whiskey, purchased somewhere on a tour of course, and feel the wind blow, gaze at the water, ponder the history of this timeless island which has so much to see and feel.

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