Jumping out of an Airplane

Skydiving adventure, Eagle Creek, Oregon.

Keyauni Kern surprises her friend, Reese, for his birthday, by taking a skydiving adventure, jumping out of airplanes, at Skydive Eagle Creek, near Portland, Oregon.

Together, they take 8 hours of lessons and practice sessions, in order to perform a static line jump.  This is a jump performed solo, with a static line that pulls the parachute after a drop of a certain number of feet.

They laugh, have fun, and make friends.  They learn the logistics of jumping, and learn about themselves.  They face fears, and challenge themselves to go further than they have before.

The experience was invigorating, enlightening, breathtaking.  It reminded them both, that they can do ANYTHING!

If you are interested in a similar experience, check out the Skydive Eagle Creek website:  http://skydiveeaglecreek.com/


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