New Salem Homestead Gallery

Abraham Lincoln Homestead, in New Salem village, prior to his life in politics.

New Salem Homestead at Lincoln’s New Salem State Park, and sometimes referred to as New Salem Village was once the home of the US 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, for a brief period of time.

Since I have a personal connection, seeing the buildings at the park took on a new dimension for me. My ancestor would have walked this area and lived the life portrayed here.

The park is staffed by the wonderful, knowledgeable volunteers, who obviously want to educate visitors about young Abe.  Although my ancestor did not live specifically in New Salem Homestead, I was able to learn a lot about how he might have lived.

In the village, you will find replicas of the Joshua Miller blacksmith shop, a schoolhouse and church, a carding mill and wool house. Each of the businesses and residences are explained on informational signs at the entrance. These signs explain who once lived in the homes, or what type of business activity once took place on the premises.

The First Berry-Lincoln store is replicated. Abe worked as a store clerk in this location for a period, while he studied law on his own time. The time in New Salem Homestead was a turning point in Lincoln’s life.

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