Inspiration and Perspective

Quotes of Travel Inspiration, from Gypsy With a Day Job, perspectives.


Perspectives - Everybody Has One..

About ours

Yep, everyone has their own way of looking at things, and we certainly have ours.  For us, it is important to maintain our perspectives, so that we always remember why we do what we do, and can keep on moving forward.  

Whey do we travel?  Why do we think it is important for everyone to experience the world? What else do we think is important in our lives?   What challenges us in new places?  What do we learn from our experiences?  What mistakes have we made, and what did we take away from them?  

Our perspectives articles allow us to share our answers to those questions.  They might not mean anything at all to you, but then again, they may help you recognize something that you have wanted to consider for a long time.  

Other Perspectives 

We certainly don't believe that our way of seeing things is the only way, or even the right way.  We constantly seek to challenge ourselves, and open our eyes to new possibilities.   If we limit the way we look at things, we stop growing.  Obviously, that is not something either of us could accept.

Once in a while, we throw a question out to other travel writers, there to see how they look at it.  If we get feedback, we will share it with you.  Sometimes they may have a perspective similar to our own, and other times, they may be very different than ours.

Inspiration - Everybody Needs Some

We work long hours in our day jobs, sometimes really long, stressful hours.  Many days we then come home, do our errands, and then work some more on all of the things associated with running Gypsy With a Day Job, and Elevated Revenue.  We look forward to our trips and adventures, but there can be long stretches between.  If you have to maintain your "real" job at this time, to support your other endeavors, you understand the struggle.  How do we find inspiration to keep going?  How do we maintain our perspective? How can we help you find inspiration and maintain perspective?  


Photos and Places that have Inspired Us..



Inspirational Travel quote, Gypsy With a Day Job.
Inspirational Travel quote, Gypsy With a Day Job.
Bucket Lists

We both have the notorious bucket list.  These lists started developing back when we were teenagers.  Some things have gone, and other new ones have come, but truthfully, for the most part they have been the same for our entire lives.  That says something about how important it is for us to experience these things!!

What is on FoxyRoxyK's Bucket List??  COMING SOON!

What is on Keyauni's Bucket List??  COMING SOON!

We love the thrill of others accomplishing and experiencing the things on their bucket list too!  We see it as a testament to human will, as well as the benevolence of the universe.  It reminds us that the world is good, and that we can achieve the dreams we set out to reach.  Because of that, we like to share the achievements of others sometimes as well.  Heck, we would even love to share yours!  

Our Bucket List Page is definitely a project under construction, but you should check it out:  Bucket List Page.


While humor may not exactly gives us inspiration, it certainly helps us cope with the stress of demanding work life.  It breaks up the monotony.  It cuts off a stream of damaging thoughts, and lets us reframe and get back on track.  As Readers Digest said for years, Laughter is the Best Medicine!  Sometimes we like to laugh at the situation we are in, such as the workplace.  Sometimes, we just like to laugh at ourselves.  

Our humor page is definitely a project in the works, and needs lots of construction.  But, we like where it has started!  Check it out:  Humor for Inspiration.


Where Else Do We Find Inspiration?

There are certainly a lot of different ways we find inspiration.  You already know we love a quote that captures the essence of our feelings.       Quotes of Travel Inspiration, from Gypsy With a Day Job.     We find inspiration in epic views that spur our imagination.    
Kauai, Hawaii, epic views, inspiration.
Epic view in Kauai, Hawaii.
    We find inspiration in books about distant lands, and even those in our own back yards, such as Travels With Charlie, by John Steinbeck.    We love movies that feature amazing settings, that set our hearts to yearning, such as a Far and Away, which begins on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland.   
Dingle Peninsula Ireland, an Inspiration.
The Dingle Peninsula, near the filming location of Far and Away.
    So many things inspire us!!  As time passes, we will be able to share more and more of them with you!  We can't wait to see what that brings to this page. In the meantime, we will wrap this page up by sharing our articles about how we maintain a work life balance...