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What Inspires Us??  

Sometimes it be hard to keep on plugging away at things.  We work long hours in our day jobs, sometimes really long, stressful hours.  Many days we then come home, do our errands, and then work some more on all of the things associated with running Gypsy With a Day Job, and Elevated Revenue.  We look forward to our trips and adventures, but there can be long stretches between.  If you have to maintain your "real" job at this time, to support your other endeavors, you understand the struggle.  How do we find inspiration to keep going?  How do we maintain our perspective? How can we help you find inspiration and maintain perspective?  

This page is all about everything that inspires us, and helps us stay in a right frame of mind.  We hope that within it, you can find ideas and tips that also help you do the same.  We have learned to find inspiration so many ways, from the sunsets to songs to serendipity.  We both believe that everything we need to keep moving closer to our dreams is right there, we just have to recognize it!  

Here you will find articles on epic views, that inspire us.;  quotes that capture the essence of what we are seeking, in a matter of a single sentence or two; songs, that make us year to hit the road; movies that have led us to new places; and books that have helped us find our paths in some way.  

You will also find collaborative articles we do with other writers, and you will find feature blogger articles, by those who inspire us.  

We will share articles, on how we see things, how we confront our fears, how we find work life balance, and how we maintain that perspective.  




Inspirational Travel quote, Gypsy With a Day Job.


Inspirational Travel quote, Gypsy With a Day Job.


Travel Inspiration Quotes, from Gypsy With a Day Job.
Some of our best traveling experiences came about by mistake, and at times, through getting lost.   Let go of the perfect plan, and all of those expectations, and you may be surprised.  Visiting this amazing ruin, the Rock of Cashel, in County Tipperary, Ireland,  only happened because of a car rental mishap, but it was a gorgeous place with an incredible history, that we will never forget. 


Travel Inspiration Quotes, from Gypsy With a Day Job.
Often we tend to avoid the touristy locations.. However, we went to the Dole Plantation because it was on the wish list of a member of our group.   A wise traveler reminded me, people go to those places for a reason.  This visit did give many stories to tell, and it was one of the first travel experiences that we, (FoxyRoxyK and Keyauni) first told each other about.  Little did we know, that we would later embark upon telling travel stories to inspire others, together.