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What Does Humor Have to Do with Travel??

Off the top, you may think the answer is nothing.  

That could be right, unless we start considering all of the mishaps that occur during travel.  Believe us, there are certainly a lot of mistakes that happen when people travel frequently.  Sometimes they are BIG mistakes, and they may be a bit traumatic at the moment.  But after the fact, they are usually pretty funny!  Other times they are silly mistakes, like handing someone else the camera to get a picture, and ending up with something crazy.  Another reason to laugh later. 

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We have a lot of stories about mishaps, and we will most definitely share them, so you can laugh with us.

Then of course there are the cultural differences.  By no means do we mean this in a negative way.  We just all get wrapped up in our own way of life and seeing things and doing things.  Most of us also have a whole set of stereotypes in our heads.  Sometimes when you sit back and examine it, with no prejudice, it can be quite funny.  It made us laugh when friends in Europe asked us to swear, because American swearing is so impressive.  We are certain the Brits have us beat, but it was a funny cultural difference.  And of course we couldn't help but be a bit surprised when we saw our first outdoor urinal, but then again, we would rather our men go behind a bush!

outdoor urinal, humor

And of course there are just quirky things you happen to come across all around the world.  One of my favorites is signs, and the things that we believe we must give direction about.  Obviously if someone took the time to put up a sign about something that seems unecessary, someone before demonstrated that it was indeed needed.  

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What Does Humor Have to Do with Work??

Just about everything.  In fact, we couldn't survive work without humor.  

Since we have to work, it helps us to specifically laugh at our work conditions and experiences.  So if we post some random work related joke from time to time, that is just us, trying to survive the stressful workweek.  We hope that by sharing our circumstances, it helps you find the humor in your work environment too. 


Work Meme humor



We are still trying to figure this whole work thing out, after all these years.  Yes, we are both pretty successful in our positions, but our best advice these days is get the job done and get out.  Laugh when you can.


Workplace Humor, Memes.


So the truth is, that we do not know exactly where this humor page will take us.  We do know that when we find reasons to laugh, we will pass them on.  For now, here are some stories we have posted that make us laugh.



We will find more ways to share a laugh soon..