Our Destinations

Our destinations in this changing world.
By Francis Galton (Life time: 17 January 1911) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The world sure has changed over the last 120 years! This cool map was made for the Royal Geographical Society in London, so people could understand how long it would take to traverse to a particular area of the world, for travel planning purposes. Can you imagine traveling 40 days, just to get to a destination?  Crazy to think about isn't it, in an era when we can get ALMOST anywhere in the world within a 24 hour day!  We have ways and means that were impossible just a couple generations ago!

We at Gypsy With a Day Job LOVE the great BIG world, and really hope to see it all some day.  There are 7 continents, and about 195 countries out there, although the specific number of countries varies slightly, depending on where you are from, and your political stance.  Still, that is an incredible number options, and a diverse plethora of landscapes, histories and cultures.  And it truly is possible to experience a huge portion of it within a lifetime.  It would be a shame to let the ways and means handed to us go to waste!

We believe that life is about living out dreams, and creating incredible memories.  Work and responsibilities are necessary.  Making money in one way or another, is required.  But these things should not prohibit us from living a real life, one that we love, and they don't have to.   We can find ways to experience bits of the world, and live lives that make our heart beat faster, if that is what we seek.

When I prepared for my first trip outside of the US, to Mexico, I thought of it as a "once in a lifetime trip." I was going where no one in my family had gone before, and an opportunity might never come again.  Now I have learned to make opportunities, and see other destinations in my future.  Yet, when I immerse myself in each new location, I still have that feeling that it is something special, and indeed it is. 


Asian Destinations

Asian Destinations
By Avinash Anand via Wikimedia Commons
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Oceania Destinations

Oceania Destinations
By Yajnyllhen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
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Where Are We Going Next

Only time will tell, but here is what we have in the works...

  • Puerto Rico
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Sequoia and Kings National Parks
  • Belgium and Luxembourg
  • San Diego, California
  • Niagra Falls
  • More Germany
  • Czech Republic

We will take you with us, as we finalize plans for these trips, and then we will take you along with us as we travel. We will share these trips through Instagram and Facebook. When we see an amazing sight, we will share that with you. When we have an amazing meal, you will see it before we ever take a bite.  When we learn new and interesting bits of history, we will pass that on to you.