Oceania Destinations


Oceania Destinations
By Yajnyllhen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

The term Oceania was not really part of our vocabulary, until we started travel writing.  We always thought of it as Australia and New Zealand.  We were aware of about travel, and read a lot of other sites, we understand that if we say Oceania Destinations, they all know what we mean.  We are not necessarily so sure about the non-travelers though.

As Americans, we have always been relatively familiar with Australia, as we seen them as a country with a history somewhat similar to our own, and this creates a sort of emotional bond and fondness.  We learned about Australia in school, and fell in love with the handful of Australian movie stars and musicians.  The rest of the region seemed relatively foreign, exotic, perhaps a bit scary.

When the Lord of the Rings movies began New Zealand then popped onto our radar.  The filming highlighted some of the most stunning scenery in the world.  We started to learn more about this gorgeous country, and for many of us, it became a dream destination, a bucket list location.

Unfortunately, we live in a grossly media obsessed society.  Many of these other fascinating countries in the region would never even be known to many of us, unless someone famous visited!  In fact it would not be until the internet and social media really took off, that we would begin to learn more about Fiji and Guam, of Samoa and Tonga, and other such islands.

Although there are many downfalls to social media, one of its many great aspects are that those among us who had previously been sheltered, are finally exposed to new information.  A part of that new information would be images and stories about incredible Oceania Destinations, including the tiny island nations.

We have not been to any destinations in this part of the world yet.  But we will get there!  When we do, we plan to take you through making the plans and arrangements, and the long flight across the Pacific.  But that will not be for a while.  So until then, we will share  we will also  some awesome stories from some of our friends and fellow travel writers!

New Zealand

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Sa, at George's Globe, travels the world with her family, and has spent the better part of two years exploring New Zealand.

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Oceania Destinations
By Staceynyx (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons