European Destinations

Vischering Wasserschloss, or Burg Vischering, a perfect medieval moated castle, in Ludinghausen, Germany.
The backside of the Vischering Castle, and the area now used as a cafe.

We at Gypsy With a Day Job LOVE the great diversity of European Destinations, and they are FoxyRoxyK's favorite places in the world. The wealth of history and western culture is in the very air of Europe. Not only that, but all that culture is shrouded in a beautiful landscape filled with amazing natural features, from glorious waterfalls flowing from glacial melt, rugged mountains, stunning coasts on oceans and seas.

When overseas travel is an option, European Destinations are amazing places to visit. And, because of political alliances, it is relatively simple to travel the US and Europe, and incredibly easy to move between European countries.

The Country tabs below include the articles we have done on some of the countries we have visited so far, and we hope to expand upon these a lot, soon.

Another great feature of our European Destinations section will be the variety of different types of locations to visit. From wildlife refuges and natural wonders, to concentration camps and workhouses, from cities and shores, to castles and cathedrals. We also look forward to exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and sharing that experience with you!

We will include articles that not only express our point of view, but also the opinions and views of those who have traveled all over Europe, and even a few who live in Europe. We want to share information with that special local insider info, so readers have the best tips. We also want first hand experiences from people of all types and in all stages of life, from young to old, from indoorsy to outdoorsy, from novice travelers to experienced travelers.

We believe that every trip, whether big or small, near or far, should be something special, and we hope to provide the information that enables our readers to make them that way.

If you are looking for a location other than Europe, start on the Our Destinations page.


Japanese Gardens, Kildare, Ireland. European Destinations
Japanese Gardens, Kildare, Ireland.