Asian Destinations


Asian Destinations
By Avinash Anand via Wikimedia Commoms


If there is anywhere we at Gypsy With a Day Job really long to go, it is to the amazing Asian Destinations across the huge and diverse Asian continent.  Sadly, although we are all about getting a break from work, and following our passions to see the world, getting to Asia takes a bit more time, than we have been able to make so far.

The cultures in Asia are incredibly diverse.  As an American, I know that many of my neighbors might be surprised about that fact.  However, growing up with both Japanese and Korean family, I have been aware of that since I was a very young child.  Those two countries are very close together, yet the differences in their culture are striking.  That barely grazes the continent.

There are 38 different countries on the Asian Continent, which geographically speaking, starts at the Red Sea on the western edge, with what is typically refered to as the Middle East.  Some of these countries are not currently considered safe for western travelers, so we won't talk a lot about them.  Others are among some of the safest places to travel worldwide.

There are over 4 billion residents of Asia.  There are several prominent religions, most which fall into what westerners refer to as Eastern religions, each with millenia of traditions, holy places, landmarks, and practicing worshippers.  This adds a wonderful avenue of discovery and learning for a traveler, and is one of the many reasons we so long to visit some of the amazing Asian Destinations.

We will get to Asia, and when we do, we plan to take you through getting the time off, making the necessary plans and arrangements, and the long flight across the Pacific.  But that is not going to happen next week, and it likely will not happen next year.  So until then, we will share some stories about our dreams of travelling to Asian Destinations, and we will also share some amazing stories from some of our best friends and fellow travel writers around the world!


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Asian Destinations
By Panupong Roopyai (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons