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Weekend getaways, me enjoying Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis, Minnesaota, first solo trip.
Enjoying Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on one of my first solo weekend getaways.

Work life is demanding.  Believe us, we know!  Sometimes we all just need to get away from the pressure of constant demands, ever-increasing goals, and ever decreasing deadlines.  We need to catch our breath, to clear our heads, to reconnect with who we are..  Our vacations are way too short and far apart.  Weekend Getaways to the rescue!!

We want our readers to remember, every day, that your work is not your life, and not who you are.  Work is what you do to pay for your life, so you can afford to be who you truly are.  Yep, you gotta do it, and you gotta pay those bills, but don’t ever confuse the two.  When you punch that clock at the end of the work day, you gotta leave all the stress of customers, performance, and productivity behind.  We know that sometimes that is easier said than done.

The unfortunate fact is that many of us carry our work burdens home.  We talk about them to our significant others and friends.  They replay in our heads when we try to sleep. The only way to escape this is to ensure that our real lives, our non-work selves, have relationships, interests and hobbies that are deep enough and involved enough that we can be completely absorbed in them. Our real lives need to be more important, more involved, and more meaningful, than the work persona.    

We all have those times when the stress creeps up on us though. When those times overwhelm us, a break in the routine relaxes our bodies and minds, enabling us to recuperate and have a refreshed perspective.  That is why we take vacations.  But when the next vacation week is two months off, we need a healthy alternative.  Weekend Getaways are perfect for breaking the routine and clearing the fog!  

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Fantastic Weekend Getaway suggested by our friends in the travel world!

Our older stories, that also make great Weekend Getaways!

But first, our Feature Weekend Getaways, for 2018:

January - St Louis, Missouri

February - Springfield, Illinois

Springfield Old Capitol, Springfield weekend getaway.

March - New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans weekend getaways.

April - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May - Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska Weekend getaway.

June - Cincinnati, Ohio

July - San Diego, California

August - Awesome Location?

Coming soone place holder.

Weekend Getaway Suggestions from our Friends..

No matter how much we would love to take you everywhere you would like to go, we can't make that happen.  Fortunately, we have some friends who get around the US, who have visited a lot of amazing places.  Here are some of their fantastic weekend getaways!

Our Older Stories - Places that make great Weekend Getaways

Driving the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Silver Springs State Park, a Kayaking Adventure.
Falling Waters State Park, an unusual geology.
Adventure at Mathiessen State Park, with canyons, and waterfalls.
Outdoor Playground in Utah, fun and recreation around the state.
Turkey Run State Park Hiking and Rock Climbing Adventure.

Let us know what else you need to have a great escape, and weekend getaway!!