Central American and Caribbean Destinations


Central America and Caribbean Destinations, Trinidad Beach.
By Kp93 , via Wikimedia CoA

Our first ventures outside of the US were to Mexico and Puerto Rico.  In both of these countries, we fell in love with the combination of a stunning geography, and an invigorating culture.  Since those days we have longed to return to both, and to have an opportunity to explore more of this diverse portion of the planet.  Of course, those trips were long before we even considered writing about our travels.

The history of the many individual countries and islands may be  a sad and turbulent story of violence and conquest, somehow, the resulting cultures are in most cases, friendly and welcoming.  Getting to know the locals is enjoyable and intriguing.

Visitors come from around the world to experience a bit of tropical splendor.  Traveling to many of the countries in Central America, or the islands, is very affordable, coming from anywhere in the world, but particularly coming from the US.

Here are some stories from friends who have visited some of these amazing destinations:

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Our stories on Central America and Caribean Destinations:

We had plans to get a taste of some of the other islands in September, 2017, on our first cruise.  Although this would not typically be our kind of vacation, it was a "girls trip," starting in San Juan, and stopping on 6 different islands.  After some research, we learned that each of the islands had a very unique culture and lifestyle, as well as some different languages and currencies.  So, we agreed to go, and were even excited about it.  Not only were we planning to document the cruise experience itself, we had made arrangements for some local experiences so we could also share some of the local specialties of each island nation.

Then, sadly, two catastrophic hurricanes, Irma and Maria, tore through the islands.  As most readers are aware, the destruction was devastating to many of the islands.  It will take years for them to recover from the damage.

We will visit some of these islands in the future, when their infrastructures are stable again, and they once again welcome visitors.  We will take care to ensure that our tourism dollars are spent in ways that will benefit locals and local business, to the maximum degree possible.  And when that occurs, we will share those stories with our readers here.

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