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Lincoln Homestead, New Salem State Park, Illinois, US Destinations.

We at Gypsy With a Day Job LOVE the great diversity available at US Destinations all over the country. There are amazing natural features, from glorious waterfalls, incredible canyons, the worlds oldest and youngest mountain ranges, and stunning coasts on two different oceans. There are world class cities, with a vast diversit among them, from New York City, to San Francisco, from Seattle to Miami.  There is a almost a world's worth of vacation locations right in the US!

Sometimes overseas travel is not an option. There could be many reasons for this, from finances to personal health. That does not mean that experiencing wonders is out of the question. Our US Destinations articles cover stunning features, and unique cities, and we are working too cover every state

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Another great feature of our US Destinations section will be the variety of low budget trip options that will be available. We know some of our readers don't have a lot to spend on travel during particular phases of life. That doesn't mean that they don't deserve to have adventures and see wonders, on a small scale, and on a grand scale!

To help with this, we will have numerous articles on road trips. How to plan and prepare, and great routes to take, will be among the features. We will also highlight dozens of locations and activities that are absolutely free to visitors, from state parks, to city venues, as well as others that have a very nominal fee.

We include articles that not only express our point of view, but also the opinions and views of those who live all over the US. We want to share information with that special local insider info, so readers have the best tips. We also want first hand experiences from people of all types and in all stages of life, from young to old, from indoorsy to outdoorsy, from novice travelers to experienced travelers.

We believe that every trip, whether big or small, near or far, should be something special, and we strive to provide the information that enables our readers to make them that way!!

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US Destinations.