Beautiful Bellagio Botanicals, along with the Bellagio Fountain show, are free for visitors.

Beautiful Bellagio Botanicals

The Bellagio might be the first name that comes to your mind, when asked to name a casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  It has become one of the most iconic resorts n the Las Vegas Strip.  Although some may believe this is a result of its feature role in the movie Oceans 11, those […]

Las Vegas Flamingo flamingos, a relaxing habitat right on the strip, with free entrance.

Fun With Las Vegas Flamingo Flamingos

In the midst of a crowded city, sometimes the most relaxing and refreshing experience to be had, is spending a little time in a green, outdoor environment, with some wildlife. In Las Vegas there are several places to observe wildlife, but one of the most peaceful, is right on the strip, at the Las Vegas […]

Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the amazing US National Parks, filled with natural wonders, making for a great destination for rookie explorers and expert adventurers

Road Trip through the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, and the National Park Commonly referred to as the Rockies, the Rocky Mountains span almost the entire length of the North American Continent, providing a critical wildlife habitat, varied ecosystems, and numerous locations for exploring and adventure.  In the US, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the countries most visited National […]

Hulshoff Castle, Burg Hulshoff, near Muenster, Germany, in an idyllic setting.

Walking the Grounds at Castle Hulshoff

Castle Hulshoff, or Burg Hulshoff, is another water castle, or Wasserschloss, located in the town  of Havixbeck in the  Muensterland area of Nordrhein-Westfalen,  Germany.  The castle is one of those rare locations that is frequently visited by tourists, yet is still loved by locals, for some common reasons, and for some very different reasons. Castle Hulshoff is […]

Silver Springs State Park, Ocala, Florida, Kayak Tour Adventure

Silver Springs Kayak Tour Gallery

A kayak tour is a great way to discover Silver Springs State Park. From its earliest days, Silver Springs was a commercial attraction. According to the company that used to operate The Silver Springs Nature and Theme Park, 800,000 people visited the attraction each year in the 1950’s. That was before Disney. In around 1938, […]

Vischering Wasserschloss, or Burg Vischering, a perfect medieval moated castle, in Ludinghausen, Germany.

Burg Vischering Gallery

The stunning and unique Vischering Castle, or Burg Vischering in Germany, only exists because of a feud between Bischop Gerhard von der Mark and the Von Ludinghausen family. Feuds between families and clans are not uncommon throughout history, but what may be unusual is a feud that leads to castles that will stand for millenia. […]

Southern Illinois unique locations, Makanda specialty shops and art grotto.

Art, Ice Cream, and Secret Grottos

Giant City State Park is beautiful, and unique, from the interpretive displays of foliage, to the vintage shops of Makanda, and it’s whimsical secret gardens, near the entrance to the park. When entering the state park there is a little row of shops in the town of Makanda, the Makanda Boardwalk. This chain of shops […]

Burg Hohenzollern, in Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany, former seat of the Prussian Kings and Kaisers.

Hohenzollern Castle – Burg Hohenzollern

We were blessed to visit Burg Hohenzollern, or Hohenzollern Castle, on a glorious May afternoon. This castle, which was once the Imperial seat of Prussia, home of Kings and Kaisers, is among the most beautiful in all of Europe. Today, it is still privately owned by the descendants of the former kings, Georg Friedrich Prince […]

Cave Tour at Cathedral Caverns

Come with us on a cave tour of Cathedral Caverns, at Cathedral Caverns State Park, in Woodville, Alabama. These caverns are known worldwide for the namesake entrance chamber, which is one of the largest in the world, at 126 feet wide, and 25 feet high. The caverns are filled with amazing formations, including “Goliath”- one […]

The view from the Skellig Ring, on the Iveragh Peninsula, in Ireland.

Around the Iveragh Peninsula

Stunning photographs taken on our way around the Iveragh Peninsula, starting on the Ring of Kerry, and ending at Portmagee, on the Skellig Ring. We make a few key stops on the Ring of Kerry, also on the peninsula, including the Ladies View, Moll’s Gap, and the Kenmare Stone Ring, called “The Shurberries,” by locals. […]