Hohenzollern Castle – Burg Hohenzollern

Burg Hohenzollern, in Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany, former seat of the Prussian Kings and Kaisers.

We were blessed to visit Burg Hohenzollern, or Hohenzollern Castle, on a glorious May afternoon. This castle, which was once the Imperial seat of Prussia, home of Kings and Kaisers, is among the most beautiful in all of Europe. Today, it is still privately owned by the descendants of the former kings, Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Sitting on a hill-top, it can be seen for miles, a stunning and appropriately regal sight. Pictures cannot relay either it’s size, or it’s grandeur.

Burg Hohenzollern is located in Baden-Wurtemburg, the South-western most state of Germany, in the town of Bisingen, south of Stuttgart. A visit to the castle is a perfect day trip from Stuttgart, or from the Black Forest, or Schwarzwald, which is also very close.

There is a parking lot a short way up the hill, equipped with rest rooms, benches, and a gift shop. From there, visitors can choose to walk approximately 30 minutes up the hill to the castle entrance, or ride the shuttle bus for a small fee.

There are visitor options for entrance only, to enter the castle grounds and Burghoff, visit both the Catholic and Protestant chapels, explore the casements, and use the viewing platforms.  Another option is entrance plus tour, which also includes a guided tour of the interior, including the family tree room, the Queen’s chambers and the King’s chambers, and the treasury.  Photography is not allowed inside the castle rooms. I was respectful of that request, so the interior room photographs in the gallery are borrowed, with copyright information in the captions.

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At a later date, Gypsy With a Day Job will publish a story on the castle, it’s significance in the history of Prussia, Europe, and the world, as well as some of it’s more notable former residents, such as Frederich the Great, whose statue is featured in this gallery.

We will also share more detailed visitor information, as well as a few more pictures we have saved for the article. Those presented here in this gallery depict the approach to the castle, the walk through the battlements, the Burghoff, some views of the casements, as well as the view of the surrounding country side from various locations on the Burg.

A gallery of photos from our visit to Burg Hohenzollern, once seat of the Prussian Kings and Kaisers, on a glorious sunny day.


If you intend on visiting Burg Hohenzollern before our more detailed story, or are really curious about the history, you can contact FoxyroxyK through Messenger on our Facebook page, linked in the sidebar.

Or, you can see the Burg Hohenzollern website. Welcome to Burg Hohenzollern



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