What stories will you tell your grandchildren?

What stories will your children tell about you? They won't care about meetings, decisions, or productivity. They will want to know the adventures you lived. Have adventures to tell!

Who We Are

Roxanna Keyes at Giants Causeway

Just a girl who worked too many hours, for too many years, putting off too many adventures she wanted to live.  Let her help you avoid these mistakes. 


Roxanna has recently collaborated with other travel sites on the following articles:  Free Two Roam European Favorites


Keyauni Kern, on the Oregon Coast

Keyauni Kern is one busy woman these days.  Not only is she our Editor and Administrator for our Facebook page, she is also the owner Elevated Revenue, with a website launching soon!


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Robert Stauffer
Robert Stauffer Testimonial"You have helped me look at things in a new way.  I am headed off for a real vacation now!"
Mariechen Hoelyfield
"I really felt like I was right there with you, and you made me laugh!"