Hawaii Excursion

We at Gypsy With a Day Job LOVE Big Trips, or what we often refer to as Extravagant Excursions!  But, what exactly does that mean to us?  What is our definition of an extravagant excursion?

When I prepared for my first Extravagant Excursion, in Hawaii, I thought of it as a "once in a lifetime trip."  Even now, when I have experienced a few of them, I still have that feeling that each trip is something special, and that I may only get to this place once.  I hope to make the absolute most out of each of these trips.  

In more specific terms, it could best be described as a trip that is going to require some time off of work, and some travel time to get there.  It is a trip which will require some planning and funding.  It may require a period of "saving up," or some other creative means of putting some cash together.  It is likely a trip to an exotic or foreign location, and one which will involve sights and experiences that are not common in other locations.  They are big, and they are special.  

Where Have We Been?

We at Gypsy With a Day Job Have taken the following Extravagant Excursions:

  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Ireland, Northern Ireland
  • The Oregon Coast
  • Germany, Schwarzwald
  • Amsterdam

In our blog posts we will share the stories of these Excursions, and our amazing photos.   We will show you what we did, where we slept, and where we ate.  We will also give the necessary practical information about everything from currency to customs, language and laundry.  We will laugh at our own hard lessons, so you can avoid our mistakes, and we will even reveal a few insider tips.

Where Are We Going?

We at Gypsy With a Day Job Have taken the following Extravagant Excursions in the works:

  • St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Barbados (Cruise based.)
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Sequoia and Kings National Parks
  • Belgium and Luxembourg

We will take you with us, as we finalize plans for these trips, and then we will take you along with us as we travel. We will share these Excursions through Instagram and Facebook Live. When we see an amazing sight, we will share that with you. When we have an amazing meal, you will see it before we ever take a bite.  When we learn new and interesting bits of history, we will pass that on to you.