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Can’t Stay Fit in Sin City?? Sure You Can!

Sin City makes fitness difficult, but First N Fitness owner Nancy Lamb has a method.
You may not think a fitness instructor would like visiting Sin City, but I do!  As a matter of fact, my husband and I end up visiting pretty regularly.  Since my livelihood depends upon staying fit, it is very important to me to find ways to maintain my condition, no matter where I travel.  I had to learn how to stay fit in Sin City!
On our recent visit, we stayed at the MGM Grand resort, as we have many years in a row.  Because we are members in their rewards program, and visit pretty frequently, they cover our room and give us a food credit with each visit.  I regularly play Blackjack, so the casino is banking on the idea that I, and their other comped vacationers, will likely lose.  After all, "Vegas wasn't built on winners". 
We always request the Stay Well floor at the MGM.  There are several perks associated with the rooms on the Stay Well floor, that actually do, help you stay well. These include free visits to the spa, guaranteed non-smoking rooms and blackout shade to help with sleep. My favorite perk, has nothing to do with fitness though, and it is the fact that you can bypass the check-in line and head to a private room, where there is virtually no wait. (I despise waiting.)
Sin City makes fitness difficult, but First N Fitness owner Nancy Lamb has a method.  for staying fit in sin city.
MGM Grand, on the Vegas Strip, where we stayed on our most recent trip.
Being among the few Vegas visitors who try to keep our vacations healthy, we make a point to walk on the strip, a lot.  I am not talking about the typical stroll to experience the vibe, but real walking.  Generally, we will use walking as our main form of getting around town. 
Sin City makes fitness difficult, but First N Fitness owner Nancy Lamb has a method.
My husband Troy and I head out for the day.
The MGM is located at the south end of the strip.  On every visit we walk to the north end of the strip to visit the Fashion Show Mall. We have a healthy meal at an all-you-can-eat sushi joint while there.
The north outlet shopping mall is quite a walk from the heart of the strip- over six miles- but we regularly make this trip. For our reward, sometimes we visit the Cheesecake Factory there, knowing the walk burned most of the calories.  Then we shop the many stores before we make the walk back.
We also walk to the Stratosphere when I climb the tower.  Each March I make this climb in a race called Scale The Strat.  That is a 107 story race, up the stairs.  Stair climbing is a mega-calorie burner, and one of my favorites.  We had to miss it in 2017,  because we had other business during the time frame of the race, but I will be back at it in 2018.
Sin City makes fitness difficult, but First N Fitness owner Nancy Lamb has a method.
If I can stay fit in Vegas, you can too!

Although I love the MGM, we often stay at Bally's, Paris, or Planet Hollywood, because we love the location of these three hotels. They're centered on the strip, and it encourages us to walk even more during our trips because we can get to so many locations very quickly. We only use Uber if we've gone shopping, and the bags won't fit into our backpack.  

Water is a MUST to carry when walking in Vegas, to avoid dehydration. Lugging two 40oz. bottles of water in the 110+ degree temperatures make the walks a little more challenging.

We make it a point to have only two meals a day.  We usually eat an early lunch (around 11:30am) and dinner (around 6:00pm).  We are in Vegas, after all, and we do like to splurge a bit.  Eating only twice a day limits the impact.  
Sin City makes fitness difficult, but First N Fitness owner Nancy Lamb has a method.
Our first time trying Tacos El Gordo, which usually has a line down the block.

This year, we tried a new restaurant called Tacos El Gordo, which is located at the north end of the strip.

This tiny restaurant often has a line of forty to sixty people during the lunch and dinner hours. We've always wanted to try it, but whenever we see the line, we choose a different restaurant.
We decided to give it a go at 4:00pm.  Although there was no line outside, there was one inside. All items are a la carte, which was great, since we had no clue what to order. We tried tacos and quesadillas with the pork and quite frankly, we were pretty disappointed.
The items are quite small, about four inches in circumference, at the most. Although it seemed inexpensive, ($2.25-$4.50 each,) I wasn't full after two tacos and one quesadilla. We treated ourselves to some ice cream on the way back to the hotel.
After many yeas of experience, I have learned that staying fit in Vegas does not mean completely depriving yourself of the amazing food or entertainment options, or spending a couple of hours a day in the gym.  The easiest, and most fail-proof method is to combine your exercise with your entertainment.  Carry a backpack and a water bottle, and walk, everywhere you go.  
Walking may not be a regular part of your fitness routine.  Many people who love the gym, and a lot of weight-bearing exercise, see walking as lame.  However, having been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for nearly 20 years, I assure you this is not the case.  The big danger on a vacation is want to see and experience things, and NOT wanting to sacrifice those experiences to spend time in the gym.  Walking allows you to do both.  You can see an experience things, and get good exercise at the same time.  Thank me later!
Both travel and fitness are very important to me, so I find ways to work both into my busy lifestyle.  You can do the same!
Contributed by Nancy Lamb
Owner of First N Fitness, in Bloomington, Illinois.
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