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Cruising Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii.   Also known as the Garden Isle of the Hawaiian archipelago, for it is covered in lush tropics. This island is very small and beautiful with only one main road. My family and I were staying at the Banyan Harbor Resort in Lihue.



My Brother and I decided we wanted to do something a little adventurous. Luckily, there was a moped rental right across from our hotel.  Unfortunately I can not find the name of the rental place. They were great though, it rained off and on the first day we had them so he let us keep them one more day at no extra charge.


While renting the mopeds my grandmother asked my brother and I if we wanted a gps, we both died of laughter while saying no. There is literally no possible way we were going to get lost. Again there is only one main road with the occasional side roads.


Riding around this beautiful place with the smell of ocean everywhere, I found my feeling of freedom. We took many side roads, and rode the entire day. The scenery gave me all the feels, seeing things such as Wailua falls, and the mountain known as the sleeping giant.

I find it difficult to put the beauty of this island into words.


Good thing I took pictures to speak them for me.



Cruising Kauai, on the Garden Isle of  Hawaii.







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